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Container Refund Scheme
Containers for Change

Under the scheme anyone who returns an empty eligible drink container to an approved container refund point will receive a 10-cent refund.

Queensland’s container refund scheme commenced on 1 November 2018 and United Scrap Metal Traders are proud to be your local container refund point in Brisbane . Our yard is centrally located next to the Gateway Bridge at 913 Lytton Rd Murarrie. We have safe on-site  parking, friendly staff and all the facilities required to get your refund sorted quickly.

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What We Buy

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United Scrap Metal Traders turn waste metal into new products, so we reduce the waste while lessening the demand on the environment to provide more raw materials. In the factory materials are all graded, sorted and then the scrap metal is sent to local companies for smelting or overseas to China, India or Japan if required.

Buying all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Give us a try… we know you’ll come back.


Each of these commodities is graded in to the following categories

Copper: bright wire, bright tube, burnt copper, domestic copper, insulated copper, irony copper, pyro, armoured cable.

Brass Grades: cast brass, honey brass, 70/30 brass, 60/40 brass, irony brass, brass swarf, manganese bronze, gun metal, gun metal borings, phosphor bronze taps, valves, tanks & tubing.

Aluminium: extrusion, clean sheet, domestic, 85% extrusion, cast aluminium, irony cast aluminium, aluminium borings, drink cans, aluminium copper radiators, insulated aluminium cable, aluminium wire, lithographic plates, windows, pots & pans, wheel rims & mags.

Lead: clean soft lead, hard lead, wheel weights.

Stainless Steel: 316 stainless, 304 stainless, sinks.

Steel: heavy steel, light steel, cast iron, steel turnings.

Automotive: car bodies, catalytic converters, radiators, batteries, gear boxes, engine wheels.

E Waste: anything from a mobile phone to a main frame computer, if it has an electrical cord attached, plugs in or charges, we take it, for bulk eWaste we can supply a site bin and arrange regular collections. In most cases free of charge, saving you money on eWaste disposal costs.

Misc: zinc, electric motors, hard drives & motherboards.

Contact us today to remove your unwanted scrap metal. We can supply permanent onsite bins or short term skip bins, in fact we will bend over backwards to supply whatever is needed to get the job done. We offer a free bin supply and pick up service, subject to quantity appraisal, conditions apply.

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